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CJ Sustainability Program


For smallholder cocoa farmers, economic considerations override both environmental and social concerns because of this, it will be unrealistic to expect cocoa farmers to care about the social and environmental impacts of their activities when their basic economic needs are not met.


Forest cover plays an important role in mitigating the effects of climate change, increasing biodiversity, preventing land degradation and soil erosion however logging and the pressure to increase yield through farmland expansion into forest lands the conservation of our forests.

Community Development

Beyond individual farmers, several cocoa farming communities lack access to basic services such as quality education, healthcare and nutrition. Investing in the wellbeing of farming families foster farmer resilience and as such all efforts to support cocoa farmers go hand in hand with Community Development Projects.

Child Protection

The wellbeing of children in cocoa farming communities has become a global concern with a growing pressure to on processors to ensure a child labor free supply chain. In order to ensure that the CJ supply chain is child labor free, the first point of call is to identify any risks or incidences and where necessary implement interventions to alleviate risks of child labor through a Farmer and Community Profiling system.

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