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Partnerships are essential to foster sustainable economic development, improve the health and resilience of cocoa farming communities, and to promote responsible business practices within our supply chain. Therefore, CJ works closely with local farmer organizations, NGOs, government partners and cocoa processing companies to achieve a fair and secure sustainable supply chain.

Establishing close partnerships with relevant local and global organizations helps to scale up our projects and reach to achieve meaningful impacts in our sustainable sourcing communities.  

Benefits of Partnering with CJ

Insights into the dynamics of cocoa sourcing communities and the implementation of impactful projects to mitigate the key challenges the cocoa industry faces, in line with the global expectations of your company and its stakeholders.

Achieve your company’s sustainability targets and commitments with measurable indicators that fall in line with the company’s values through our tailor made Corporate Sustainability Arrangement. This will reinforce your company’s reputation as an organization committed to securing a sustainable supply chain for generations to come.

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