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Adopting the highest standards of Job delivery and doing the right thing runs through all our trainings setting the foundation for our long-term success. Stakeholders in our sourcing communities including the farmers expect that our operations are conducted in adherence to the highest standards required in the handling of cocoa beans which has made it necessary to provide a Code of conduct and a whistle blowing procedure through which misconducts can be reported and addressed.

Code of Conduct

The CJ Code of Conduct incorporates the values of the company, outlining the ethical and compliance standards for conducting business and serves as the foundation for the conduct expected from employees.

Whistle Blowing

The primary aim of the company is to promote a working environment where employees simply do the right thing, however it is understandable that there may be a few occurrences of misconduct and encourage reporters to find the courage to do so ensuring their confidentiality.

Reports of potential misconduct are taken seriously and are handled promptly and fairly. Honesty is invaluable to the company and as such strict sanctions have been set out for employees who intentionally make false accusations or reports.

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